Solar Goes Green Motion Security Light w/ 54 LED

This Solar Powered Motion Security Flood light is packed with 54 Super Bright High Intensity LEDs.  Solar Goes Green branded products are the finest you can buy when planning your security flood light needs.  Whether you need security light protection or just some light in a dark space occasionally, the Solar Goes Green Solar Powered Motion Security Light with 54 LEDs will definitely meet your demand for both quality and performance.  This will allow you great flexibility in helping you to locate the light exactly where you need it.  The panel and light are made of weather resistant black plastic ABS.  Unit has a day/night photo cell as well as Infrared sensor which is activated when people are present or move in detecting zone 30-45 feet away.

Regular Price: 
Technical Specifications: 

Solar Panel is mono crystalline

Sealed maintenance free Lead-acid battery, 6 volts, 4Ah rated

9 feet of cable between the Solar Panel and the Security Motion Light

Light duration can be adjust from lengths of 1-4 minutes.  Light will stay continuously on as long as motion is detected

Total amount of illumination 120 minutes per full battery cycle charge

Model # SGG-PIR-54

See Kichler's 15 year residential warranty!



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