Kichler 12V LED 3 Watt Flood Light

Kichler's 12 volt 3 watt Design Pro LED flood light.  LED has come so far, so fast.  Not to mention, so much brighter!  This little 3 watt LED fixture is perfect for uplighting a statue, small plant/tree or one story pillar on a home, etc.  Perfect when you don't want to overlight.  Comes with your choice of finishes, degree spread, and color temperature.  Also includes Kichler 8" ground stake and Kichler connectors.

*Note: White finish is only avialable in 35° spread at this time.

Regular Price: 
Technical Specifications: 
Weight: 0.55 LBS
Safety Rated: Wet
Color Rendering Index: 80
Color Temperature Range: 2625-2775
Expected Life Span: 40000 Hours
Number of Bulbs: 1
Max Watt: 3
Operating Voltage Range: 9-15 VAC/VDC
Width: 2.00"
Height: 3.75"
Length: 3.00"
Lamp Included: Integrated
Glass Description: Beam Spread 10°, 35°, or 60°
Voltage: 12VAC/VDC
Light Source: LED
Kelvin Temperature: 2700K or 3000K
Finish: Multiple

See Kichler's 15 year residential warranty!



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