40 Watt 12 Volt Boat Lift Charging Kit

Our most powerful 40w-12v Boat Lift Charging Kit System is for heavy boat lifts and heavy duty use. Dual 20w-12v panels are the best solution for charging 12v DC boat lift systems using a single 12v battery or dual 12v batteries wired in parallel for (12v). The added power of the 40w-12v Boat Lift Charging Kit ensures better performance even on cloudy days. Our high quality solar panels will keep your boat lift battery in top condition so the DC lift motor has the power to raise and lower your boat every time.

Key Features & Benefits

High-Efficiency Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Mounts To Any Boat Lift

20+ Years Lifetime Panel Rating

12v DC Boat Lifts and Boats

Replaceable Wiring & Quick Connect System

Adjustable Angle for Maximum Solar Charge

Easy Installation

J-Arm Easily Handles Storms & High Winds

Lift Capacity Up To 10,000+ lbs

Perfect for the frequent or daily user, Lake Lite's 40w-12v Boat Lift Charging Kit will handle the task of raising and lowering your boat when you need it most.

Regular Price: 
Technical Specifications: 

Kit Includes:

Dual 20w-12v High Efficiency Solar Panels with Anodized Frame

12v 5A Solar Charge Regulator with LED Status Indicators

20ft Red-Black Color Coded 18AWG Wire & Quick Connect + "Y" Connector

3/8" Battery Connection Ring Terminals & Quick Connect

Choice of Mounting Arm Height, Bracket, & Hardware

Choice of Battery Tray Type

2 Stainless Steel Mounting Straps

Instructions & Wiring Diagram

Free Technical Support

Free Battery Status Indicator

See Kichler's 15 year residential warranty!



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